Getting Your Toddler Ready for the First Day of School

Getting Your Toddler Ready for the First Day of School

Getting Your Toddler Ready for the First Day of School

 Getting your toddler ready for preschool


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Whether your tiny tot has an adventurous nature or is more a creature of habit, the first day of kindergarten is usually a big deal for toddlers and parents alike. Getting your toddler ready for preschool is an important milestone that requires you to take certain steps in advance.

If you want this novel experience to be remembered amidst smiles and cheer rather than wails and tears, think ahead of time. Have their clothes, accessories, and school supplies ready in addition to mentally preparing them for a change.

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Check out our online store here, and make sure to follow these important tips for getting your toddler ready for preschool:

Visit the School

Preschools usually host an open house to allow teachers and parents to get to know each other. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the place. In most cases, you can take your toddler along with you as well.

Don’t Overhype School

Preschool sure is fun and exciting – but when describing the place to your little one, don’t over exaggerate. More importantly, don’t make promises about things that are beyond your control. For instance, telling your child that they’ll make new friends. If their first impression of the place doesn’t match their expectations, sending them back on the following days can prove extremely difficult.

Read Good Books

Since children love stories, this can be a great way to prompt a discussion about school. Tell them about your own experience or read humorous and educational books together. This will hopefully help them cope with separation anxiety.

Develop Self-Help Skills

Teach your child how to wash their hands, dress, and undress themselves. If you have literally been spoon-feeding them so far, it’s time to help them learn how to eat by themselves. This is because if your little one can successfully take care of their basic needs at home, they will feel more confident about being on their own at school.

Pack Lunch Together

Ask them about their preferences and involve them in buying, preparing, and packing lunch. Being engaged in this activity will not only make them excited about school but also give them something to look forward to during the day.

Shop Together

One of the best tips for getting your toddler ready for preschool is to make them a part of the process right from the beginning. Shopping together for school clothes and other related items is a clever way to get them all pumped up.

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