Toddler Summer Dresses – What’s the Right Pick?

Toddler Summer Dresses – What’s the Right Pick?

Dressing your little one for warm weather is usually easier said than done. You want to pick an outfit that keeps them cool and comfortable, but despite your best judgment, you are still likely to end up with a cranky little monster who doesn’t feel at ease in their dress.
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Meanwhile, here are some tips for dressing your toddler in the summer season that will help you make the right pick every time you open their wardrobe before heading for a day out.

Choose Cotton Fabrics

To avoid the risk of overheating, your toddler’s summer wardrobe should only feature cotton clothes. 100% pure cotton is not only a breathable material but is also super soft and comfy. Cotton dresses allow air to reach the body which, in turn, keeps them cool and prevents skin irritation due to sweating.

Go Minimalistic

When the temperature shoots up, toddlers’ dressing styles require the least number of layers, if not just one. Lose the vest under their tees and avoid socks unless absolutely necessary like being a part of their preschool dress code. Similarly, steer clear of full-sleeved onesies and any other outfit that offers unnecessary coverage.

Consider Their Preferences

Toddlers often have whimsical desires – like a sans-clothes day. If your little one often runs around plump naked as soon as you take them out of the shower while you chase after to dress them – now’s the time to let them be.  Plus, if you are heading to the beach or planning a pool party at your place, there’s no reason why they can’t go out and about in a diaper. Or you can buy them a nice swimsuit that they can beat the heat with even if staying indoors.

Pick the Right Accessories

Many parents associate toddler accessories with mere kids’ fashion. While that might be true to some extent, the fact is that accessories can be extremely functional too. For instance, hats and purses are highly practical accessories to buy for your tiny tot. Hats shade their delicate eyes against the sun whereas a purse will keep essentials like a water bottle within their easy reach.
Summer is the time to have fun outdoors, bathe in the sunshine, and enjoy a trip to the beach every other day. But if your little one isn’t dressed properly, all you will be doing is dealing with uncalled-for tantrums.   

Follow these tips for dressing your toddler for the summer so that everyone can have fun outdoors. And don’t forget to check out the range of chic and trendy toddler summer dresses available at Doe a Dear!

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