Tips for Selecting Toddlers’ Dresses

Tips for Selecting Toddlers’ Dresses

Toddler in a Dress & Matching Headband

Once you’re done making googly eyes in front of your baby and cleaning the toxic waste in their diaper, it’s time for the fun part- dressing them up. Shopping for toddlers is particularly fun because you can find some truly adorable dresses in a range of unique styles. Read on as we look at the top tips for selecting dresses for your toddler.

1. Look for Safe Options

Bows, buttons, and pretty much anything that your toddler can try to rip off the dress is definitely out. This leaves you with some pretty sophisticated options for your child, such as peasant-style dresses, dresses with large collars, and more. Since we’re going with safety first, look for dresses that aren’t too long. Ideally, somewhere just above the knee or around it is the best length – they can crawl and walk freely without tripping over.

2. Choose Weather-Appropriate Dresses

Apart from the fabric, look for styles that work with the weather. If you’re buying summer dresses, choose pastels, bright colors and plenty of florals. You can even find a hat to match if you’re going out in the sun. Ruffled skirts and long-sleeved dresses work better in the winter and will make your little one look even more special if they’re paired with leggings.

3. Keep it Classy

You’re never too young to look stylish and cute. Tulle skirts, lace dresses, and frilly collars look adorable on toddlers, especially if you find a headband to match.

4. Dazzling Party Wear

If you’re looking for a party dress for a toddler, go all out. Sequins, floral cutouts, lacework, dresses with coats, the bolder, the better. Find the right sparkly shoes to match, and maybe even some fancy clips for their hair if your toddler isn’t one of those who pull everything off and throw it away instantly.

5. Stick to Simple Options for Toddlers Who Can’t Walk Yet

As adorable as you want your angel (well, most of the time) to look, you also want them to be able to move around freely, especially since crawling is the first step in their journey of learning how to walk. Look for straight, A-line dresses without too many bits and pieces and frills so that they don’t trip.

6. Look for Dresses that Are Easy to Put on & Take off

Since you’re the one dressing your child, look for dresses that you can put on and take off them easily without them throwing a tantrum or bursting into tears because they can’t find their head anymore. Widen-necked dresses with zippers are best.

Shop now and find a collection of dresses, from simple, plain ones to sparkly sequined ones and enjoy the fun side of parenting- dressing up your children in adorable outfits.