Travel in Style – Tips and Accessories for Toddlers

Travel in Style – Tips and Accessories for Toddlers

Travel in Style – Tips and Accessories for Toddlers

Travel accessories for toddlers

Traveling with small children is no small feat. Even a short five-minute drive to the grocery store can turn into a stressful ride if your little one isn’t in the mood. But that shouldn’t keep you from going on a family outing now and then or even planning a big trip once in a while.

With the right travel accessories for toddlers, rest assured that everyone can enjoy a smooth ride.

As one of the leading children’s apparel retailer in LA, Doe a Dear knows what is pleasing to the tiny tots and what’s not. Whether it’s about dressing ‘em up or heading out together, we believe we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that can make it all less-hectic for you and your little one alike.

Follow these tips for traveling for toddlers so that everyone can look forward to the trip:

Packing Solutions and Luggage

Long trips can become a lot more fun if your little one has colorful luggage to pull around. A tiny suitcase ensures that your toddler has all their essential items close by at all times. Plus, it can double up as a portable seat when your tiny tot has to wait in long queues at the airport.

For short trips, consider buying them a mini backpack such as this one.

Children’s Car Carrier

A car seat is not only important from a safety point of view but more so because it gives your toddler a proper view of the outside throughout the ride. It keeps them comfortable, so they are less likely to demand to get out of the car unnecessarily.

Entertainment Options

Having plenty of entertainment options onboard is the key to ensuring that your journey with your toddler is tantrum-free.

When it comes to how many entertainment options you should ideally have, our answer would be: the more, the merrier.

From coloring pads and activity books to music player, Lego blocks, and whatnot, try to carry as many things as you possibly can. Since smartphones and tablets have become the lifeline of adults and kids alike, you might want to keep your phone charged for the ride too.

Toddlers’ Toilet Seats

If you are planning to go camping with your toddler, consider bringing along a toilet seat for kids. Disposable potty seats can save you the trouble of changing and throwing diapers frequently.

Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping accessories for toddlers ensure that they are well-rested. This, in turn, ensures that they wake up in a good mood and don’t go about acting like a tiny monster.  

Other Items

Other items that you need to pack when traveling with a toddler include a pillow, baby blanket, favorite snacks, water bottle, and a drinking cup. If they have a stuffed toy they like to play with at home, it might help to bring it along for the ride too.

While you pack these travel accessories for toddlers, don’t forget to shop for the best outfits for your tiny tot at Doe a Dear.

We offer a range of exclusive kids wear and fashion accessories that will make your little one excited to get dressed and head out to flaunt it to others.