Building the Complete Closet for a Toddler

Building the Complete Closet for a Toddler

Building the Complete Closet for a Toddler

Building the complete closet for a toddler

Shopping cute, colorful outfits for tiny tots is something that every parent looks forward to. However, building the complete closet for a toddler requires more than just buying the best outfits for your precious little one.

In addition to shopping exclusive kidswear such as that available at Doe a Dear, you also need to ensure that there’s plenty of space for storing your little one’s clothes and accessories in a neat and organized manner.

If you think you will be able to accommodate their items in your own wardrobe, think again. Unlike infant dresses, a toddler’s clothes can take up a lot of space. Plus, you are likely to need a large collection of toddler outfits since they are bound to spoil their clothes multiple times during the day.

Here are some smart ideas and wardrobe hacks that will help you in building the complete closet for a toddler:

Give Them a Separate Closet

As we said, toddlers need a whole wardrobe for themselves. So, arrange one in their room. Or if they share the room with you, buy a baby dresser or a portable clothes closet for kids so that you can keep their stuff in an orderly fashion.

Go for Adaptable Storage Options

Toddlers grow pretty fast. An adaptable closet can be easily adjusted to meet the changing storage needs of your growing child. Look for closets that come with adjustable racks. Make sure that the shelves and rods can be rearranged when required. Also, there should be sufficient space to store their shoes, backpack, and possibly, even toys.

Use the Space Smartly

A typical closet for adults consists of a single rod to hang some outfits and a couple of shelves to keep the folded ones. Toddlers’ dresses are considerably shorter in length, which means that lots of space can go to waste. To avoid that, use a double-tiered hanging system to utilize every inch of space available.

Containers are a Must

Movable containers such as canvas bins, plastic baskets, or even cardboard boxes for that matter are a must for building the complete closet for a toddler. They come in colorful designs and unique shapes that will look amazing in your baby’s room. More importantly, these containers provide extra storage space and come in really handy for storing toys, art supplies, and similar large items.

Don’t Forget Safety

Closet doors and drawers can hurt little fingers. Consider replacing the closet door with a fancy curtain. It will keep the closet concealed from view yet still allow your tiny tot to easily access it when required. For the drawers, you can use lightweight wire racks instead.

Following these tips will help you in building the complete closet for a toddler. But what do you fill it with?

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