Purses & Backpacks

Your backpack will be the window to your style, and school is as good a place as any to show of your fashion! Our various backpacks for girls come in different styles: mini,and your classic book bags for school , play dated , and errands ! 

She can easily toss a chap stick, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, keys, and other accessories.

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Cactus Chain Crossbody Purse
Watermelon Chain Crossbody Purse
Small Crossbody Velvet Purse with Applique
Square Gold Clasp CB Purse
Mouse Face Cross Body Bag with Spade Nose Jewel
Square Quilted Bag with Turn Clasp & Cross Body Chain
Square Metallic Foil Quilted CB Purse
Medium Sized Glitter Cross body Purse
Quilted Top Handle CB Purse w/ Eclipse & Star
Metallic Horse-shoe CB Purse w/ Gold Turn Clasp
Round Shape glitter HB W/ Large Bow
Diamond Quilted Cross Body Bag with Twist Closure
Metallic Horse Shoes Large Bow with Top Handle Bag
Patent Polka Dot Chain Purse with Bow
Square Faux- Fur Turn Clasp CB Purse
Horse Shoe Sequin Bow Handbag
Doe Eyes and Deer Ears Backpack
Blushy Girl with Kitty Ears Backpack
Trazepoid Top Handle PU Purse w/ Turn Lock
Winking Ducky Face w/ 3D Beak Backpack
Bunny Face 3D Ears Zip CB Purse
Kitty Backpack
Googly Eyes Quilted Backpack
Top handle jelly purse with globe latch closure
Monkey Face with Pacificer Handbag
Button eyes Bear Backpack
Monster Backpack for Girls and Boys
Brown bear children's backpack with adjustable straps