Things to notice when buying baby clothes

Things to notice when buying baby clothes

Things to notice when buying baby clothes

Many young parents likes posting photos of their cute and stylish children online. When buying clothes for your dears, in addition to fashion, the followings are also important!


  1. Choose clothes without or almost without smell. The smell is usually formaldehyde which is added to the clothes to preserves shape and color, but it is toxic. It is too dangerous for your dears to wear clothes with formaldehyde exceeds standards. Babies like to explore the world with their mouths. It is parents that have the responsibility to make sure that their “desserts” are safe.



  1. Choose clothes with fewer accessories. Accessories like buttons, sequins, beads are undoubtedly attractions, but if they are loose, such clothes are also very dangerous. Because babies can easily swallow these small parts and sometimes it may get into baby’s eyes.


  1. Choose clothes made of cotton. It is more suitable for a baby to wear clothes made of cotton for they are warm, soft,clean and safe for baby’s skin.


  1. Pay attention to clothes with ropes. It is possible that children may grab the ropes when they are chasing each other, which may cause choking problem. If you want the clothes to be special, you can choose accessories such as embroidery as well as printings that will not be torn apart easily.


  1. Pay attention to clothes with zippers. If there is a zipper on the clothes, you should try it before dressing your baby. If the quality of the zipper is not good, it may bite the baby.


  1. Spend some time on the tags of the clothes. It will help you choose the most suitable clothes for your babies.


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